Beer Name: Release The Hounds
Brewery: Urban Legend Brewing
Style: ESB
Average Score: 92/100
ABV%: 5.5

What it looks like:

Perfect copper hue, Typically I expect an ESB to be darker however the color is very fitting of the ESB style. Surprisingly after being in a growler for a week, I received a, just off white, fluff, tightly bubbled, head that fell but left a thin layer for a very long time. Sparse tiny bubbles float to the surface.

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:

Biscuit and semi sweet smelling, with a faint hop presence, attractive to my nose.

Aroma Score: 25

What is tastes like:

Very fitting of the name this beer is bitter, yet sweet. There is a dryness that starts early in the sip and then slowly tapers off switching to a pleasant sweetness. After swallowing I once again taste a dry bitter flavor. Spots of the biscuit forward yeast pop through during the sip.

Taste Score: 45


Dry throughout with a medium body, accompanied by a constant effervecence the mouth feel compliments the bitter presence of this brew.

Mouthfeel Score: 15

Overall Notes:

Admittedly this is my second tasting of this beer. Though slightly cleaner tasting directly from the tap, this beer is very good. Session-able, malty yet balanced, I would recommend this ESB to anyone new to the style, as well as the seasoned ESB drinker.