Huge THANK YOU to my friend Rich List or the West coast hookup. In return I hope you like your Zombie Dust and Apocalypse Cow.

Beer Name: Tsunami Stout
Brewery: Pelican Pub & Brewery
Style: Stout
Average Score: 90/100
ABV: 7%

What it looks like:

Perfect Heavy dark pour with a fat mocha dark head. Heavy lacing, Deep brown and black in color.

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:

Some presence of toasted earthy malt. Hints of chocolate and a slight hop aroma. Very hard to get a nose of this bad boy, even when warm.

Aroma Score: 20

What is tastes like:

Meh, pretty good. The beginning of each sip seams muttled to me, followed by a pronounced roasted malt and chocolate charge that is tasty but not overpowering. Their is a bitterness present that is fitting for this style a beer. I would appreciate a smidgen of sweetness.

Taste Score: 45


Great mouth feel medium, to medium heavy bodied.

Mouthfeel Score: 15


Well balanced but for me no clear definition of what it wants to be when it grows up. Great finish, but a the start is convoluted and gets lost. Hides its 7.0 well, but all in all something is missing for me.

Score: 90