Beer Name: Smoke Lager
Brewery: Surly
Style: Smoked Lager
Average Score: 91/100
ABV%: 8.2

What it looks like:

Looks Nothing like a lager. Deep ruby rim around the bottom. Cappuccino head that poured high but faded after a few minutes. Deep dark color

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:

Fuckin shocker I know, smells like smoke. Heavy malt presence, Lager does not come to mind. Porter maybe a stout. I Love the nose on this thing, smokey campfire goodness, not for saison lovers. Bacony whiffs

Aroma Score: 25

What is tastes like:

Smoke forward, present but subtle enough to let the malt come through. Deep smokey malt that rings in layers. The only thing keeping this from a perfect 10 in my opinion is the excessive dryness that is present. I think also a small amount of sweetness would be welcome.

Taste Score: 45


Almost perfect again dry to my taste could use a little more silkiness.

Mouthfeel Score: 12

Overall Notes:

At $20 a bottle before tax I was preying this didn’t taste like a 2×4 in a bottle (see our review for VooDoo Dougnut). It did not disappoint. Compared to O’fallens smoked lager it is just a tick or two down the scale. More smoke but the mouth feel falls slightly short. Great for the winter, and if you have never had a smoked beer, try this one.