Beer Name: Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale
Brewery: Rogue Ales
Style: America Smoked Ale
Average Score: 42.6/100 Really Not very good
ABV: 5.6%
Were I Found It: DJ Shitbag brought it.

For Turkey day this year, we decided to use the traditional American holiday to drink beer DUUUHHH. Joel brought a real shocker in a bright pink bottle reminicent of pink Floyds famous pink pig. So the bottle looks great, the concept is awesome, come on, Bacon, Doughnut, and maple? You could smear that on a turd and it would likely be moderately appealing (well maybe not). I was pretty amped up to try it, after all smoked lagers are great if you are in the right mood, but I never had a smoked Ale. Turns out this one is a flop, really not to my taste at all. I am sure someone out there will fight for it tooth and nail, but My vote is “two thumbs down”.

Now, I don’t hate Rogue, they really are a great brew house, and I give them a ton of credit for doing a smoked beer. This is tough territory to venture in, smoked brews either Rock or flop. They suffer from goldy locks syndrom, to much smoke they blow, too little, equally blowish, but when you get that one that is just right they have a very distinct and unforgettable taste. Poured with a slight haze amber color, beige thick foamy head that sat and sat. Medium lacing. Though not appealing to me, there was a interesting maple smell. Strong alcohol presence scotch zing present, and smells to me to be barrel aged. Aaahhhhhh here comes Rogue. The maple and slight bacon flavor are present. Unfortunately the back end and presence of scotch or whiskey just ruins it for me. Dry and almost medicinal, some one said “It tastes like bandages smell”. Mouth feel was middle of the road dry finish and bubbly, oddly medium body. You have gotta be a scotch lover to dig this one. My take? Skip it.

– Woz