Two work associates, and friends; Doug Jenner (AKA Douggy) and Greg Stawczyk gave me a call today from Poland. “Woz we found this bar with 250 Belgian Beers, You would love this place”. Turns out “this place” is a small pub called Elephant Belgium Pub in the heart of Warsaw. Launched this March, Elephant Belgian Pub Warsaw have taken the multi-tap trend and tinkered and tuned it. It looks to be a small place with wild array of Belgian specialties including the famed Westvleteren 12 a 100 out of 100 beer. Greg and Doug tried many beers and bantered a bit with me over the phone, The let me know the owners favorite beer is Duvel Tripel Hop 2015, which I personally have never had but, the boys seemed to like it. Here is to great guys that though of me when they visited an establishment with such a breath of world class beer, half way around the world. Prost, and Na zdrowie.


– Woz