Beer Name: Mechanics Grove Maibock
Brewery: Tighthead Brewing Company
Style: Maibock?Average

Score: 90/100?ABV: 5.6%
What it looks like:
Looks dynamite, to me perfect, thick looking pour with a great cast of bubbles. light golden brown and a fluffy white head that quite like a levy in Luisiana. Medium to light lacing.
Appearance Score: 10
What is smells like:
Literally smells perfect to me, as soon as the bottle opened I got a mild whiff that made me want to dig in. As I am typing this I am holding back from grabbing the glass. A light malty and toasted nose with a slight sweetness reminiscent of caramel. No alcohol smell from my glass. – Woz
Nothing offensive but not particularly appealing. The first thing that came to mind when I took my first smell was baking bread with my mom and the smell of live yeast. I smell a bit of caramel. But man this one is hard to get a sniff of much of anything. – Eric W.
Light hopped sweat grass, like after mowing on a hot summer day, with a hint of Carmel. – Rob R.
Aroma Score: 20
What is tastes like: Great malt smoothness slight dryness when aspirated. Alcohol is still light to zero, light malt throughout followed by a zippy hop finish, which pushes a dryness to the back of your mouth. A hearty grain flavor, that for some reason reminds me of a morning bowl of cereal. Slight carb like sweetness on the follow of the sip.
Taste Score: 45
Mouthfeel: Smooth and medium bodied, on the threshold of light. super silky with a dry lightly hopped finish.
Mouthfeel Score: 15
Overall: I can’t find anything wrong which is pretty dam good. Granted this beer is way off season considering it should be prepped for May. I’ll tell you this considering tonight is about 68 degrees here is Chicago its really fitting. Awesome job Tighthead.
Score: 90