Beer Name: Lucky Buddha
Brewery: Cheerday brewery
Style: Chinese lager
Average Score: 63/100
ABV%: 4.8

What it looks like:

Super clear with a light white head that fell quickly. Light lacing, tiny tight bubbles quickly ascend to the surface.

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:

Slight alcohol push, malt nose present but not strong.

Aroma Score: 20

What is tastes like:

Ok not great, but for a Chinese lager pretty good. Tastes adjunct to me. Compared to Qingdao, a marvel of flavor. But comparative to a Hoffbrou for example almost a 0.

Taste Score: 25


Light and almost waxy not very good

Mouthfeel Score: 9

Overall Notes:

The bottle is cool and compared to most Chinese lagers it’s good but, in the grand scheme of things it ain’t that great. skip it.