After a widely successful tasting party for my first ever brewed beer, I have finally tallied the results. I asked my guests to utilize a new scoring method that I once saw and tweaked a bit. Essentially I used a Radar graph with increments of 1 from 0-5. Admittedly this is not the most accurate way to score a beer, I find it effective and much quicker than my normal digital form. Important to understand this recording method does not produce a “score” for a beer. I personally ranked my beer as fairly good with tweaks required (low 70’s). Carbonation, and body were lacking. Additionally I tasted a recurring flavor of green apple normally associated with a off flavor called Acetaldehyde.  Likely this means, that the beer needs more time in the fermenter to mature.  I have the results in the picture above. A huge Thank You to everyone who came out to drink my beer. Stay tuned more brew to come.