Beer Name: In-Tents IPL
Brewery: Base Camp Brewing Company
Style: Indian Style Pale Lager
Average Score: 80/100
ABV%: 6.8

What it looks like:

Slight haze but shiny, resembles an ale copper brown in color with a stubborn fluffy white head. Tiny tight bubble streams on the outside of the glass.

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:

Smells clean but with a bread medicinal hop nose. Slightly sweet with a light carmel note.

Aroma Score: 20

What is tastes like:

Bitter yet sweet start that reminds me of under ripe apples. Alcohol taste to follow, pale malt followed by a dry but not overly assertive hop spiciness. When aspirated I get the flavor of that odd band aid like smell.

Taste Score: 40


With a heavier mouth feel than expected, this brew comes in chewy and medium bodied, with a creamy mouth feel followed by a wash of dryness on the tongue.

Mouthfeel Score: 12

Overall Notes:

Fashioned in a very cool aluminum bottle with navigation stele maps printed on the outside, this bee is Interesting considering it hybrid nature. The only real detriment that I can accredit is the medicinal band aid flavor that I pick up. Overall pretty good, if for nothing but the oddity factor it is worth picking up a bottle.