DOTLA? What the F*c$ is DOTLA? Well every year the Chicago Beer Society hosts an event for all cask conditioned, otherwise know as “Real Ale” lovers such as yours truly. Its sorta an elitist type thing. Its a special beer amongst special beers, and breweries Love to enter their brews to really show what they can do. I have attended DOTLA for roughly about 5 years now and have always had a great time. Somewhat because of the beer, and mostly because of the people. Year after year I meet some of the coolest individuals in the industry. Brewers, Beer lovers, Sales reps, Moms and Dads. Really the whole gambit comes out for this even.

Amongst these individuals I met Mike Willaford and his lovely wife, who may the trek all the way from Minnesota. First off not only does he have Kick Ass initials M.W., he is also a brewer for Surly Brewing. Most importantly Mike is a pretty cool guy. We talked about beer, beer styles, and Surly’s brewing culture. “It’s normally metal blaring in the brew house” said Mike. Being a metal head at least one point in my life I can see the correlation between the power of Heavy Metal music and the passion that is required to brew beer of Surly’s caliber. I mean no Bullshit, these guys crank out some wickedly, Bad Ass beers. After meeting Mike I can see why, good people when doing that which they Love, are capable of some Great things, in this case Beer. Cheers to Mike and the entire Surly crew.

– Woz