Oktoberfest – Tighthead Brewing Company

Beer Name: Oktoberfest Brewery: Tighthead brewing Company Style: Average Score: 81/100 ABV%: 5.5 What it looks like: Perfect orange hue for a very fitting for a Marzen. Big fluffy head, that didn’t stick around much. Medium to heavy lacing. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: Minimal nose off my cold sample however I smell

Port Brewing Company – Spa Summer Pale Ale

  Beer Name: Spa Summer Pale Ale Brewery: Port Brewing Company Style: American Pale Ale Average Score: 90/100 ABV%: 6 What it looks like: Looks great, very hazy almost identical to a Weiss. Big rocky head that hangs out like the weird dude at the party with a pony tail and a leather jacket. Appearance

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Dancing Man Wheat – New Glarus – is kicking some Ass

Beer Name: Dancing Man Wheat Brewery: New Glarus Brewing Style: Hefeweizen Average Score: 96.5/100 ABV: 7.2 Were I Found It: Wisconsin (Thanks Mom) This is a great, beer. Truthfully I did not expect this one to be such a hit. May even be better than Snyder Weiss, which in my opinion is the gold standard

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

Beer Name: Pumpkin Wheat Brewery: Shock Top Brewing Company Style: Belgian style Wheat ale ABV: 5.2% Were I Found It: Ryan M, scored it at Binny's Beverage Depot RR: Nothing Special In class: 3/5 Personal Rank: 2/5 OK beer fans, last week we drank, we bantered, and we were highly disappointed. (sorry to blow the