Top 10 Most Expensive Beers 2015

10. PABST BLUE RIBBON 1844 USD Per OZ ABV   No seriously, stop laughing. In China, PBR that I used to score for a half a buck a can, is considered up scale. At $44 per bottle, this is a far departure from the PBR we know. 1844 is made

Polish Invasion

Two work associates, and friends; Doug Jenner (AKA Douggy) and Greg Stawczyk gave me a call today from Poland. "Woz we found this bar with 250 Belgian Beers, You would love this place". Turns out "this place" is a small pub called Elephant Belgium Pub in the heart of Warsaw. Launched this March, Elephant Belgian Pub Warsaw have taken

BeerWoz.com Intro

Feedback Welcome BeerWoz.com Intro Teaser from Beer Woz on Beerwoz.

The Creator of the Reversal.

Here is a quick Pic of my long time friend Ryan and I at a Beer tasting with Beer Good, a Chicago Meetup group. We ventured over to Blokes & Birds and met a lot of very nice and interesting people. We all enjoyed a flight of Beers ranging from a Light blonde ale to

Wow what a weekend!!! A Celebration, and loss of a Polish Prince.

Complete roller coaster of a weekend. First my brother and I both graduated with our bachelors and of course had a party, which my mother and father graciously hosted at their home. Now, we bought everything in advance felt fairly confident that we had a decent amount of people who would show up to eat

Back in the saddle again

My dearest Blog readers. I have not posted in some time now. This is true for several reason, Chicago Blackhawks (total Bummer), shopping for a new car, laziness, re-engineering the quadratic equation. Anyway I am back with some modifications. First and foremost you may or may not know that I have roughly 100 beer reviews