Polish Invasion

Two work associates, and friends; Doug Jenner (AKA Douggy) and Greg Stawczyk gave me a call today from Poland. "Woz we found this bar with 250 Belgian Beers, You would love this place". Turns out "this place" is a small pub called Elephant Belgium Pub in the heart of Warsaw. Launched this March, Elephant Belgian Pub Warsaw have taken

Chicago Beer Society – DOTLA 2014

DOTLA? What the F*c$ is DOTLA? Well every year the Chicago Beer Society hosts an event for all cask conditioned, otherwise know as "Real Ale" lovers such as yours truly. Its sorta an elitist type thing. Its a special beer amongst special beers, and breweries Love to enter their brews to really show what they

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BeerWoz.com Intro

Feedback Welcome BeerWoz.com Intro Teaser from Beer Woz on Beerwoz.

Beer’in Social @ Bakin’ & Eggs

Per Living Social, a local discount event retailer I was able to score some discount tickets to a Beer & Bacon pairing (with Food) at a local eatery to Chicago,Bakin' & Eggs. Let me start by saying that Bakin' & Eggs is top notch. Truthfully every dish that was served in the "food " portion

Server Upgrade Donezieess Yo.

So about two weeks ago my web hosting provider (aka where my server lives) started spitting errors back when I attempted to create a post. Turns out my web page was server was shared with several other web pages. The Hell with this shit. I got a new server, much faster and I don't need

The Lager Faceoff, Europe Vs US

  So last Friday I had the bright idea to do a head to head, Lager shootout. Europe has been brewing excellent lagers for hundreds of years. The US with its recent influx of craft beers has created some very seriously tasty offerings as well. So who is better? Old lion or new? I went

Moonshine does a body good?

After the fallout of the Beer Bus Extravaganza. I decided to pay a visit to Moonshine nestled on Division. I had dinner with my brother Eric and his family, I ordered the steak tacos and an array of beer. Moonshine's sampler which I had on the BBE was exactly what I remembered. A couple of

Borat say, Beer Bus Extravaganza, Veryy Niccee.

A lucky 13 pint ponderers were able to land a ticket to the first BeerWoz.com Beer Bus Extravaganza (BBE). We started at Goose Island Brewery, were the brand and tradition has been present since 1988. The brewers here have had time to hone their craft and they do, we tried four of their brews and

2012 BBE is Here

I am prepping for the Beer Bus , forms are printed, Cards are prepped. Slammed a couple of Ibuprofen because my head is jamming today. I am pretty sure I finished Hops and barleys Snow day keg. To the luck 13 individuals that were able to score a ticket, you are in for a treat.