Top 10 Most Expensive Beers 2015

10. PABST BLUE RIBBON 1844 USD Per OZ ABV   No seriously, stop laughing. In China, PBR that I used to score for a half a buck a can, is considered up scale. At $44 per bottle, this is a far departure from the PBR we know. 1844 is made

Polish Invasion

Two work associates, and friends; Doug Jenner (AKA Douggy) and Greg Stawczyk gave me a call today from Poland. "Woz we found this bar with 250 Belgian Beers, You would love this place". Turns out "this place" is a small pub called Elephant Belgium Pub in the heart of Warsaw. Launched this March, Elephant Belgian Pub Warsaw have taken

Holy hell its getting cold.

Sorry fans, I have been crazy busy for the past month. There was a chunk of time that I was not home for a single weekend in a month. What was I doing? Duh, drinkin, beer. I was, but mostly vacation and work travel. Anyways I am back and the beer tasting commences. Coming up