So Hoppy to see this Hop Chart

I found this extremely BAD ASS Hop chart breaking down hops and their individual characteristics. Its kinda big (thats what she said).

Lager vs Ale

So you have tried lagers, and ales but really what the hell is the difference? I mean, in most cases they look pretty much the same, and some of them even taste the same. So BeerWoz what is the diff? So in plain English the difference is this, Temperature and Yeast. More confused? Don't be

The Creator of the Reversal.

Here is a quick Pic of my long time friend Ryan and I at a Beer tasting with Beer Good, a Chicago Meetup group. We ventured over to Blokes & Birds and met a lot of very nice and interesting people. We all enjoyed a flight of Beers ranging from a Light blonde ale to

Bubble up: carbonation and tempurature

Source: Tasting Beer, by Randy Mosher, page 76. Tasters I have stumbled across a graph in my studies for my cicerone certificate. The chart shows relative CO2 pressure comparative to temperature. Basically the warmer a beer the more CO2 (or nitrogen, stout lovers) pressure is present. My theory is this: when a beer is cold