Port Brewing Company – Spa Summer Pale Ale

  Beer Name: Spa Summer Pale Ale Brewery: Port Brewing Company Style: American Pale Ale Average Score: 90/100 ABV%: 6 What it looks like: Looks great, very hazy almost identical to a Weiss. Big rocky head that hangs out like the weird dude at the party with a pony tail and a leather jacket. Appearance

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Bark Bite – Big Wood Brewery

Beer Name: Bark Bite Brewery: Big Wood Brewery Style: IPA Average Score: 74/100 ABV%: 6.6 What it looks like: Lots of suspensions, almost like a little galaxy of little white floatys. I expect a clearer cleaner beer from a craft that serves their beer in a can. Huge fluffy ice cream head. Appearance Score: 6

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5 Rabbit Cerveceria – Super Pils

Beer Name: Super Pils Brewery: 5 Rabbit Cerveceria Style: Pilsner Style Average Score: 92/100 ABV%: 7.2 What it looks like: Woz:Perfect, literally perfect for a pils super clear, a tad darker than most pils I've seen, usual. Ryan: Absolutely beautifully clear! White diminishing head but leaves a nice thin layer on the top. Eric: Light fluffy head

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A Little Crazy – Revolution Brewing

Beer Name: A Little Crazy Brewery: Revolution Brewing Style: Belgian Style, APA Average Score: 92/100 ABV%: 6.8 What it looks like: Big puffy white head that sat for a very long time, clear with slight white haze. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: Clove and biscuit and a slight astringency off the nose. Aroma Score:

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Drifter Pale Ale – Widmer Brothers Brewing

Beer Name: Drifter Pale Ale Brewery: Widmer Brothers Brewing Style: American Pale Ale Average Score: 75/100 ABV%: 5.7 What it looks like: Almost perfect, haze quickly quitting head like a underpaid call girl. Copper with a slight orange touch. No bubbles visible in the glass. Off white head that is almost vapor ware, there and

Dominion Lager – Old Dominion Brewing Company

Beer Name: Dominion Lager Brewery: Old Dominion Brewing Company Style: Dortmunder Lager Average Score: 93/100 ABV%: 5.3 What it looks like: Easy orange hue which is odd in a lager, but acceptable. Head fell quickly with medium lacing. I cannot see a casting bubble in the glass, again odd. Appearance Score: 8 What is smells

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