Cerveceria Mexicana – Amber Ale

Beer Name:Amber Ale Brewery:Cerveceria Mexicana Style: MexicanAmber Ale Average Score: 67/100 ABV: 5.5% What it looks like: Perfect and appealing big fluffy head that sits like a well trained Doberman. Carmel brown, off white head. Clear and clean. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: Misses the mark as all I get is a slight

Cutlass Amber Lager Clipper City Brewing Company

Beer Name: Cutlass Amber Lager Brewery: Clipper City Brewing Company Style: Amber Lager Average Score: 87/100 ABV: 5.4% What it looks like: Very inviting looking, like a Victoria Secrets models legs. Light for a amber in my opinion, the color is reminiscent of Yuengling out of the bottle. Head was rocky and quickly disappeared. Light

Bell’s a ringin

  Bells amber 5.8abv American Amber Ale Bell's Brewery Got it at the Brick house In class: 3/5 Personal rank 4/5 Due to the fact that I like hot looking women with small amounts of clothing on I decided to have this tasting at the Brick house. I was accompanied by a long time family

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