King of Ulster Irish Red – Reviews

After a widely successful tasting party for my first ever brewed beer, I have finally tallied the results. I asked my guests to utilize a new scoring method that I once saw and tweaked a bit. Essentially I used a Radar graph with increments of 1 from 0-5. Admittedly this is not the most accurate

A Little Crazy – Revolution Brewing

Beer Name: A Little Crazy Brewery: Revolution Brewing Style: Belgian Style, APA Average Score: 92/100 ABV%: 6.8 What it looks like: Big puffy white head that sat for a very long time, clear with slight white haze. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: Clove and biscuit and a slight astringency off the nose. Aroma Score:

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In-Tents IPL – Base Camp Brewing Company

Beer Name: In-Tents IPL Brewery: Base Camp Brewing Company Style: Indian Style Pale Lager Average Score: 80/100 ABV%: 6.8 What it looks like: Slight haze but shiny, resembles an ale copper brown in color with a stubborn fluffy white head. Tiny tight bubble streams on the outside of the glass. Appearance Score: 10 What is

Summer Session Ale – Peak Organic Brewing Company

Beer Name: Summer Session Ale Brewery: Peak Organic Brewing Company Style: American Ale Average Score: 79/100 ABV%: 5 What it looks like: Slight haze, dull orange and haze with a understated luminescence like a pearl. Tall head that fell quickly, bright white. Medium lacing. A tight stream of tiny bubbles cascade to the surface. Appearance

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Drifter Pale Ale – Widmer Brothers Brewing

Beer Name: Drifter Pale Ale Brewery: Widmer Brothers Brewing Style: American Pale Ale Average Score: 75/100 ABV%: 5.7 What it looks like: Almost perfect, haze quickly quitting head like a underpaid call girl. Copper with a slight orange touch. No bubbles visible in the glass. Off white head that is almost vapor ware, there and

Cerveceria Mexicana – Amber Ale

Beer Name: Amber Ale Brewery: Cerveceria Mexicana Style: Mexican Amber Ale Average Score: 67/100 ABV: 5.5% What it looks like: Perfect and appealing big fluffy head that sits like a well trained Doberman. Carmel brown, off white head. Clear and clean. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: Misses the mark as all I get is a slight

Tsunami Stout – Pelican Pub & Brewery

Huge THANK YOU to my friend Rich List or the West coast hookup. In return I hope you like your Zombie Dust and Apocalypse Cow. Beer Name: Tsunami Stout Brewery: Pelican Pub & Brewery Style: Stout Average Score: 90/100 ABV: 7% What it looks like: Perfect Heavy dark pour with a fat mocha dark head.