Against The Grain Brewery – All Funked Up

Beer Name: All Funked Up Brewery: Against The Grain Brewery Style: Barrel Aged Kolsch Average Score: 72/100 ABV%: 5.5 What it looks like: Super clean and bright, small head that fell like Glass Joe from Tyson's punch out. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: I am scoring this higher than I normally would, due

A Little Crazy – Revolution Brewing

Beer Name: A Little Crazy Brewery:Revolution Brewing Style: Belgian Style, APA Average Score: 92/100 ABV%: 6.8 What it looks like: Big puffy white head that sat for a very long time, clear with slight white haze. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: Clove and biscuit and a slight astringency off the nose. Aroma Score:

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16th Anniversary Ale – Two Brothers Brewing Co.

Beer Name: 16th Anniversary Ale Brewery: Two Brothers Brewing Company Style: Belgian Style Ale Average Score: 82/100 ABV: 16% What it looks like: Perfect golden brilliance radiates from this glass. Literally perfect looking. Decent head that fell quickly considering the style. Light lacing barely holds on to the glass. Appearance Score: 10 What is smells

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Ommegang Brewery

Beer Name: Game of Thrones Iron Throne Brewery: Ommegang Brewery Style: Blonde Ale Average Score: 97/100 ABV: 6.5% What it looks like: Looks very appealing to me, cloudy for a blonde ale however welcome in this style. Light lacing, from a large head that sank fairly quickly. Hay in color, with a mellow orange hue.

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

Beer Name: Pumpkin Wheat Brewery: Shock Top Brewing Company Style: Belgian style Wheat ale ABV: 5.2% Were I Found It: Ryan M, scored it at Binny's Beverage Depot RR: Nothing Special In class: 3/5 Personal Rank: 2/5 OK beer fans, last week we drank, we bantered, and we were highly disappointed. (sorry to blow the

Delirium Tremens

Beer Name: Delirium Tremens Brewery: Huyghe Brewery Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale ABV: 8.5% Were I Found It: Binny's RR: Same in, Same out In class: 3.5/5 Personal Rank: 3.5/5 Delirium is defined as a severe form of alcohol withdrawal that involves sudden and severe mental or nervous system changes. I don't think this quite

Raging Bitch – Flying Dog Brewery

Ha, Joel looks blasted. Beer Name: Raging Bitch Brewery: Flying Dog Style: Belgin Style IPA ABV: 8.3% Where I Found It: Brother bought it, no clue were he gets shit. So I have beer tastings at my house or somebody elses house roughly every Friday. I normally supply the beer in turn for peoples honest

Delirium Nocturnum

Beer Name: Delirium Nocturnum Brewery: Huyghe brewery Style: Belgium Ale ABV: 8.5% Were I Found It: Binny's Beverage Depot Overall: 3/5 Shipped and sold in a coated black freckled white bottle, complete with a blue foil wrapper and a quark topper, this beer looks very impressive. Then again so does a douche bag in a