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Chicago Beer Society – DOTLA 2014

DOTLA? What the F*c$ is DOTLA? Well every year the Chicago Beer Society hosts an event for all cask conditioned, otherwise know as "Real Ale" lovers such as yours truly. Its sorta an elitist type thing. Its a special beer amongst special beers, and breweries Love to enter their brews to really show what they

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In-Tents IPL – Base Camp Brewing Company

Beer Name: In-Tents IPL Brewery: Base Camp Brewing Company Style: Indian Style Pale Lager Average Score: 80/100 ABV%: 6.8 What it looks like: Slight haze but shiny, resembles an ale copper brown in color with a stubborn fluffy white head. Tiny tight bubble streams on the outside of the glass. Appearance Score: 10 What is

Smoke Lager – Surly

Beer Name: Smoke Lager Brewery: Surly Style: Smoked Lager Average Score: 91/100 ABV%: 8.2 What it looks like: Looks Nothing like a lager. Deep ruby rim around the bottom. Cappuccino head that poured high but faded after a few minutes. Deep dark color Appearance Score: 10 What is smells like: Fuckin shocker I know, smells

Summer Session Ale – Peak Organic Brewing Company

Beer Name: Summer Session Ale Brewery: Peak Organic Brewing Company Style: American Ale Average Score: 79/100 ABV%: 5 What it looks like: Slight haze, dull orange and haze with a understated luminescence like a pearl. Tall head that fell quickly, bright white. Medium lacing. A tight stream of tiny bubbles cascade to the surface. Appearance

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Hop Juice Black – Two Brothers Brewing Co.

Beer Name: Hop Juice Black Brewery: Two Brothers Brewing Co. Style: Double IPA Average Score: 80.5/100 ABV%: 9.9 What it looks like: Super Dark, black as the bottle suggests. Mocha head which sat and them fell. Deep brown on the bottom of the glass. Heavy lacing. Dark and thick like my ex girlfriend. Appearance Score:

Drifter Pale Ale – Widmer Brothers Brewing

Beer Name: Drifter Pale Ale Brewery: Widmer Brothers Brewing Style: American Pale Ale Average Score: 75/100 ABV%: 5.7 What it looks like: Almost perfect, haze quickly quitting head like a underpaid call girl. Copper with a slight orange touch. No bubbles visible in the glass. Off white head that is almost vapor ware, there and

Dominion Lager – Old Dominion Brewing Company

Beer Name: Dominion Lager Brewery: Old Dominion Brewing Company Style: Dortmunder Lager Average Score: 93/100 ABV%: 5.3 What it looks like: Easy orange hue which is odd in a lager, but acceptable. Head fell quickly with medium lacing. I cannot see a casting bubble in the glass, again odd. Appearance Score: 8 What is smells

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