Beer Name: A Little Crazy
Brewery: Revolution Brewing
Style: Belgian Style, APA
Average Score: 92/100
ABV%: 6.8

What it looks like:

Big puffy white head that sat for a very long time, clear with slight white haze.

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:
Clove and biscuit and a slight astringency off the nose.

Aroma Score: 25

What is tastes like:
Clean and fruity floral start, with a sweet and soft finish with a slight creaminess. A dryness is present from the hops however it is minimal.

Taste Score: 45

Could be slightly softer, but really pleasant. Considering the style is very good

Mouthfeel Score: 12

Overall Notes:
So this is a hybrid of a APA and a Belgium ale. Rev did a great job of melding the two styles, floral and fruity yet a decent hop presence that is indicative of a APA. Another great beer from Revolution. Damn Good. Pick it up.

– Woz