Beer Name:
Average Score: XX/100

What it looks like:

A bit opec for a lager, Big fluffy white head, very viscous and hung around for a long time. light orange hay color. After examining the other poured samples min appeared more opec likely due to bottom of the bottle settlement.

Appearance Score: 8

What is smells like:

Not a pleasant nose for my tastes, perhaps the cucumber presence, however I smell an astringency and a faint malt aroma. also I am reminded of a soda cracker.

Aroma Score: 15

What is tastes like:

Heavy yeast punch, with an almost burnt rubber flavor. A first sip I thought it to be autolysis, after a second sip more flavor came through. Cucumber takes center stage, much more present than expected. followed by an almost salted malt flavor, finishing with a slight alcohol finish, that is bubbly and dry.

Taste Score: 20


Slightly dry a bit over carbonated tasting. If compared to a Helles, not that far from point.

Mouthfeel Score: 12

Overall Notes:

This is a very interesting concept, unfortunately it just does not come together well. I understand the concept however it dominates the drink, and really takes over any malt notes that may benefit the brew. I like the direction but not the beer.