Beer Name: Super Pils
Brewery: 5 Rabbit Cerveceria
Style: Pilsner Style
Average Score: 92/100
ABV%: 7.2

What it looks like:

Woz:Perfect, literally perfect for a pils super clear, a tad darker than most pils I’ve seen, usual.

Ryan: Absolutely beautifully clear! White diminishing head but leaves a nice thin layer on the top.

Eric: Light fluffy head that quickly diminished quickly. Looks incredible super clear with a constant cascade that looks like a lamp you buy at Spencer’s

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:

Woz: Smells of hops floral zip, with a malty presence and a minimal alcohol nose, especially considering the monster 7.2% ABV.

Ryan: Smells GORGEOUS! I have never had a beer get me hard before! Perfume, fruity, citrusy, elegant! Light hop aroma, not overwhelming.

Eric: Wish I could find some corn smells like a freshly bedded barn

Aroma Score: 25

What is tastes like:

Woz: Epically soft, reminds me of a chinchillas pelt. Followed by a straight forward creamy Cornish malt. Finished with a tight and sharp hop crispness.

Ryan: A lot of malt flavor. Citrus and fruity.

Eric: Surprisingly complex there were 3 flavor changes that ended with shop dry finish

Taste Score: 45


Woz: A very smooth mouth feel almost silky, finishes with a bit of a dry feel, but very welcome in a Pils.

Ryan: Light body. Kind of creamy. Very light carbonation.

Eric: Medium bodied

Mouthfeel Score: 15

Overall Notes:

Woz: Way to Go Randy Mosher, another grand slam. I had this beed at the Chicago Brew pub shootout, amongst many others. It was one that stood out amongst all of the tastes I had that day. Super Clean, Super ABV, and Super Good. Grab it quick.

Ryan: I like the smell more than I like the taste. It is good, but might go for something else on the next round.

Eric: I’ll have another