Beer Name: Mother Of Exiles
Brewery: Revolution Brewing
Style: Pilsner Style
Average Score: 92/100
ABV: 5.5%

What it looks like:
Light golden straw, quick fade head. clear with tight rising bubbles. Head was bright white and left a scattered lacing.

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:
Slight sweetness, definitive malt aroma as expected. Biscuit nose, with a slight barny aroma (not the dinosaur dipshit). Could have used a slightly bigger nose.

Aroma Score: 25

What is tastes like:
Mineral front end, harsh at first, followed by a malt sweetness and a swinging corn like malt finish reminiscent of a solid euro lager. Mineral taste apstarts to dissipate after the first few sips.

Taste Score: 45

Almost perfect, crisp and slightly dry. Light body, but a slightly heartier mouth feel.

Mouthfeel Score: 12

Rev, hits the mark with this Pilsner style lager. Though they brand it as a Pilsner I can guarantee it is not brewed in Pilsen Czech Republic. I am not sure what the town that true Pilsners are brewed in is like, but I am fairly confident that Milwaukee and California in the heart of Chicago is likely nothing like it. Put this one on the board for a gateway beer for your friend who things Miller Lite is beer. Stangly addicting and pretty Dam good pick it up. Its a steal at $5 a bomber. -Woz

Score: 92