Beer Name: Amber Ale
Brewery: Cerveceria Mexicana
Style: Mexican Amber Ale
Average Score: 67/100
ABV: 5.5%

What it looks like:
Perfect and appealing big fluffy head that sits like a well trained Doberman. Carmel brown, off white head. Clear and clean.

Appearance Score: 10

What is smells like:
Misses the mark as all I get is a slight malt smell covered by a mineral aroma, and a small yeast smell.

Aroma Score: 20

What is tastes like:
Minor malt flavor mostly occupying my mouth with a mineral dryness. A hint of sweetness makes this a decent session beer, but nothing sticks out to me.

Taste Score: 25

Slightly dry yet vastly void of hop presence.

Mouthfeel Score: 12

Over all not very flavorful, But a slight improvement coming from the beer black hole of Mexico. To date I have had 2 beers worth drinking from me hermanos down south. Chupacabra, and Bohemia Negro. The presence of a strong mineral is consistent with most Mexicano brews so I have an appreciation from that stand point but I was really hopping for more flavor. I mean come on Chicos where is the love in the beer? Sin Amor Wey. Sadly, this beer fell way short of what a amber ale should taste like. I would skip it

Score: 67